Wenalyn Dionaldo

is our Virtual Assistant

You name it, Wenalyn can do it!

Wenalyn has 9 years of extensive experience working in guest services and administration roles. She always delivers a high-quality customer service which results in pretty impressive client satisfaction levels!

She’s now our versatile and dedicated Virtual Assistant who loves working with and learning from new cultures and traditions.

She assists with podcast promotion, video editing, social media scheduling, newsletter creation, research, website testing and even hiring of new team members. She has been our dynamic all-around team support.

A self-starter and self-believer, she’s eager to improve and learn new skills continuously, especially in Technology and Digital Marketing.

This sweet and adorable lady is fond of alternative rock songs and Dashboard Confessional is her favourite band.

“Whatever the project, we create innovative, user-friendly solutions that make a positive, measurable impact on your business.”

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Rubber Cheese is a friendly team of problem solvers and skilled digital professionals.

We choose to keep things intimate and streamlined. We always have friendly faces in-house available to answer queries; you’ll always know who you’re speaking to and working with.