10 reasons why you should use these WordPress plugins to convert more sales

When it comes to your business (online or offline), increasing website conversions is a must.

The good news for organisations that use WordPress or WooCommerce (an open source ecommerce plugin for WordPress) is that there are plenty of plugins available that are designed to help boost conversion rates.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. We’ve used it for our clients for over ten years. It’s our CMS of choice because of its powerful wide range of user capabilities.

Where do you start when there are thousands of plugins available that can help improve the user experience, increase traffic, customer retention, and sales? This informative article is here to help. 

We’re going to cover 10 of the most useful techniques for increasing sales and website conversions. Plus, we’re going to save you thousands of pounds (or dollars) in development time by telling you the best plugins available for WordPress and WooCommerce that will allow you to utilise these powerful conversion optimisation tips and techniques.


1 – Why A/B Testing is strategic for your company

A/B Testing, otherwise known as split testing, is a common tool used by marketers to see which marketing collateral performs better. For instance, if a designer has created two designs for a webpage, the company could send out the two styles to their customers to see which one they prefer. 

The major benefit of A/B testing is that it keeps the customer top of mind. By taking their opinions into account, you’re improving the customer experience and providing assets they want, increasing customer retention and loyal followings.

How to Perform A/B Testing

To perform A/B testing (otherwise known as split testing) for your website, you’ll first need to research the website’s performance. If you notice certain pages aren’t performing well or gaining traffic, it would be best to start an A/B test for those specific pages. 


ab testing


Use tools such as Google Analytics to view visitor and traffic insights. After you’ve narrowed down which pages need to be reworked, study the differences between those pages and your highest performing ones. Then, you’ll create variations of what needs consumer approval.

For instance, you can create two separate headlines and see which one performs better. Or, maybe it’s more design and layout-focused, and you need to stylise each page differently. The variations depend on the analytical data and your hypothesis into what you believe isn’t performing the best. 

There are multiple ways to do A/B testing. Some companies will create separate URLs for the different styled pages and send both URLs off for consumer feedback. Once you do this, you can measure which page has the most engagement, highest traffic, and fewer bounce rates to determine which is more successful. 

Most professional conversion optimisers recommend you test no more than four variants at once. However, if you have a low traffic site, you’ll want to keep it on the lower side or else it can take too long to yield results. 


The Best WooCommerce Plugins for A/B Testing 

You don’t have to perform A/B testing by yourself. Thankfully, there are a variety of WooCommerce plugins designed to help you put together A/B tests to boost website conversion rate. 

We’ll break down some of the top WooCommerce plugins below: 

Nelio AB Testing

Nelio AB Testing is a powerful conversion optimisation service plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce for AB testing. With this plugin, you can test alternative names, featured images, and descriptions for your product offerings to see which ones resonate better with your customers. 

Google Optimise

Google Optimise is a Google tool that integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track which sidebar widget converts more and gets more clicks through their AB testing capabilities. It’s a powerful tool, and while it isn’t a WordPress plugin, it interacts with WordPress efficiently and is easy to use. 


2 – Live Chat needs to be in your customer support model

Every business that wants to increase online conversions needs to invest in live chat. Live chat is a software you can implement on your website that allows you to receive notifications when a shopper is messaging through the live chat feature. You can then respond quickly and provide live support to answer any questions the customer may have.  

Forrester noted that there was a 10% increase in the average order value when reviewing the sales from customers who engaged in a chat before making a purchase, than those that did not use the chat. 


Optimized-Live Chat


The reason for this is because oftentimes when making a purchase, consumers may have a question regarding the product and need a fast response to help them make a decision. Live chat support provides shoppers with ease knowing their questions can be answered quickly, meaning they are more inclined to purchase the product or service offering. Live chat has been proven to increase customer loyalty, strengthen relationships, and better customer engagement. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Chat

If your business is going to offer live chat support, it should follow a few rules to ensure it provides the ultimate customer experience. We’re going to break down some do’s and don’ts of live chat support in the table below.




  • Provide fast replies
  • Be afraid to transfer to someone who can better assist the customer
  • Be polite and willing to help
  • Have limited chat hours, or if you do, make sure it’s reasonable for the customer
  • Set up automatic responses to specific questions so they can get their answers even faster
  • Hide the chat function. Make it easy to locate to avoid customer frustration. 


Live Chat plugins based on business size 

Depending on the size of your business determines what capabilities you’re wanting from a live chat feature. Some plugins are simple and easy to use, while others come with more capabilities that are better adapted for larger organisations. We’ll provide recommendations for using live chat based on the business size below. 

Intercom (4.5 out of 5 stars on

Intercom was voted as one of the top 50 customer service software for 2021. With Intercom’s Live Chat functionality, companies can add a live chat feature to their websites that is user friendly, has bots, apps, in-app messaging, and customisation features that make the app exclusive to your organisation.

Eligible startups can qualify for Intercom’s products priced at $65/month, making it an affordable option for smaller businesses. Medium to large companies will have to schedule a demo and chat with a representative to get pricing based on your companies’ needs. 

LiveChat (4.4 out of 5 on

LiveChat is perfect for businesses of any size and offers a plethora of features that optimise the customer experience. It’s full of standard features but also includes access to a marketplace where you can find all sorts of extra integrations, making it one of the leading live chat solutions on the market.

  • Starter businesses – you can get $16 per month per agent.
  • Small to medium sized businesses – you can get $33/month per agent.
  • Larger businesses – you can expect $50/month per agent.
  • Enterprise companies – can schedule a demo for specific pricing.

Crisp (4.4 out of 5 on

Crisp was voted as a high performer software for Fall 2021 and is known for its all-in-one multichannel customer support platform. With Crisp, businesses can enjoy live chat, chatbots, screen sharing, live translation (which allows you to talk in your customers’ native language), magic type (see what your customers are typing in real time), and so much more. This is a great software for businesses of all sizes as it has a Free option that includes up to 2 seats; a Pro version priced at $25/month with 4 seats included; and an Unlimited option priced at $95/month with unlimited seats, perfect for larger organisations. 


3 – Why capturing emails is critical for conversions

One of the most important things a business website should do is capture emails to place in email marketing campaigns. Building an email list with captured leads from your website is an efficient method of capturing and nurturing leads in order to boost sales

Once you have your email list, you can set up marketing campaigns to promote new blog posts, product launches, promotional events, and more to increase customer engagement and purchases. 

Some organisations will purchase email lists in a hope that they will work the same as capturing organic leads. However, these lists don’t work as well because the customers didn’t authorise their email to be captured and most likely will not want to receive emails from a company they don’t know of.

Purchasing email lists can lead to customer dissatisfaction and result in negative perceptions of your organisation. 


Optimized-Capturing emails


The benefits of capturing email leads

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing sees a 4300% average return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the US. There is no doubt that email marketing is a powerful tool for marketers around the globe. 

The benefits to building an email list include the following: 

Directly message customers when you want

With your email list, you now have access to hundreds or thousands of customers that want to engage with your brand. 

 Encourage customers to visit again

 You can offer promotional offers or free shipping to convince customers to return and purchase again. 

Email is personal 

With email, you can vocalise your brand tone and voice, so consumers get a better understanding of who your company is. Getting to know each other on a deeper level helps strengthen customer relationships and trust.

Revenue will increase 

One of the major benefits of capturing emails is that you will increase purchases from customers wanting to take advantage of a discount or gaining points for a loyalty reward program. In addition, you will also grow and own your email list which can be used time and time again to communicate with your subscribers, promote discounts or sales, and increase conversion rates.

The tweet below from the CEO of Shopify says it best. Ultimately, an email list and your website are the only things your company owns on the internet, meaning growing your email list should be a prime focus for your organisation as it’s one of the best selling and customer nurturing tools.  


Shopify CEO tweet


The best WordPress plugins for email capturing

Hopefully, we were able to show you how powerful and beneficial capturing email leads can be for your business. There are a variety of WordPress plugins and extensions you can use to empower your website for lead capturing. Most of these plugins are popups and slide-ins that appear on your website and capture email addresses. The list of the email capturing plugins includes the following:


With this plugin, you can add popups and slide-ins to your website to capture emails from customers who want to provide their information. There is also A/B testing included so you can test which forms work best with your customers along with a Google Analytics function to analyze its performance.  

List Builder by SumoMe

This is a free tool you can use to add popups to your website to capture email leads. The free version gets the job done, but if you want access to A/B testing and analytics then there is a premium version for your use as well.


OptinMonster is a popular, reputable conversion optimisation and lead generation software for WooCommerce and WordPress that allows you to capture emails. With the software pop up options, consumers can put in their email addresses and capture leads for your organisation to put through any funnel. 


4 – How to prevent abandoned carts

Every eCommerce website has experienced abandoned carts. A shopper loads up their cart with a bounty of items, they’re about to check out, and then, nothing. No purchase. Just a cart filled with items is left behind. 

Abandoned carts are more common than you may think and can happen because of unexpected shipping fees and taxes, incompatible payment processes, card denial, complicated checkout, and more. 


Optimized-Abandoned Cart


As a business owner, you don’t want to lose sales due to abandoned carts. The good news is that there are WooCommerce plugins you can use that send out an email to shoppers who have abandoned their cart. With a little push, and maybe even an added discount, you can use these emails to bring back customers to finish the transaction, resulting in more sales for your business.  

We’re going to break down the Abandoned Cart WooCommerce plugins you can add to your website in the next section. 


The best WooCommerce plugins for abandoned carts 

HubSpot for WooCommerce

If you’re a HubSpot user, then you will love using their free WooCommerce integration, to set up automatic abandoned cart sequences. This plugin does integrate with HubSpot, meaning all orders will integrate into HubSpot’s software for you to view through the dashboard. With this software, you’ll get an inside look into which items are being abandoned more than others and you’ll be able to set email automation to trigger when someone leaves behind an abandoned cart. 

Abandoned Cart Lite for WooCommerce

With this WooCommerce plugin, you can automatically send email reminders to those who leave behind abandoned carts to remind them to finish checking out. If someone does complete their order, the admin (you) will be sent an alert that it was complete. This will allow you to monitor the success of the plugin with website optimisation conversion. 

WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

With this plugin, while you do have to pay for it (a one-time $49 fee), you will be able to track registered customers and browsing guests. No matter who leaves an abandoned cart, you will be able to send an alert to the user to remind them about finishing their purchase. You can set up a sequence where the first email reminder doesn’t have a discount code, but the second one does to tempt them to finish the purchase. 


5 – The importance of Upselling & Cross-Selling 

Every business should be using upselling and cross-selling techniques to boost sales. Encouraging users to add more items during checkout is a simple, yet effective way to generate more revenue for the company.  


Optimized-Upselling & Cross-Selling

What’s the difference between Upselling and Cross-Selling? 

Upselling – A sales technique where the customer is offered a higher-priced option or add-on to the product they’re buying.

An example of this is when a waiter might push for a more expensive wine to pair better with the meal, or when a car salesman recommends a more expensive vehicle because of better features. This is another way 


Optimized-Up selling


Cross-Selling – Adding on other items to the purchase. For instance, when you’re at the McDonald’s checkout line and they ask if you would like to add an apple pie to your order or when you’re checking out and more products are offered.


Optimized-Cross selling


Upselling and cross-selling are both effective sales techniques that accelerate sales and customer purchases.


Best methods for when and how to use Upselling and Cross-Selling 

Knowing how and when to upsell and cross-sell will determine the strategy’s success rate. This is a strategic way of how to increase online sales fast.

We’re going to break down the instances when you should try upselling and cross-selling to your customers below. 

Upselling & Cross-Selling scenarios: 

Product Protection 

If someone is purchasing a luxury or fragile product, they may want protection just in case it breaks or stops working. Adding an extra charge for “product protection” is a popular way to cross-sell with your customers if it makes sense for your business model. 

Upselling Better Versions 

If you sell items such as phones or or even a course, it can be easy to upsell the newest versions and upgraded versions of the product to customers. You can highlight the better features and discuss why it’s worth the extra price. Most customers will purchase the newest version if they have the money to do so. 

Offer Bundles 

Bundles are a popular way to upsell and cross-sell at the same time. If you package together items or services to where it makes sense for the customer to spend more to get more, you can succeed.

Upselling bonus tip: 

Don’t try to upsell too early. This might have the opposite effect by coming off as too pushy, which can potentially turn people off your product completely.


WooCommerce plugins for Upselling & Cross-Selling 

What’s even better about upselling and cross-selling on a website is that there are plugins that can help! We’ll discuss the best plugins to download for upselling and cross-selling below.  

Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce 

With this plugin you showcase upsell and cross-sell offers on your checkout page in order to increase sales. You can make exclusive offers on your checkout page to entice buyers to add more to their cart with this useful WooCommerce extension!

Checkout Deal for WooCommerce

With the checkout deal for WooCommerce, you can encourage customers to make a purchase by offering limited-time deals that last for a short amount of time. The sense of urgency will motivate buyers to make the purchase so they can get a one time deal that saves them money. 


6 – How to use and optimise Yoast (for SEO)

Yoast SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that allows you to optimise your WordPress site with relevant keywords and phrases so you can rank higher in search engines. The software is very simple and makes it easy for anyone at any level to understand and optimise their SEO. 

 Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO 


With Yoast SEO, you will be able to improve your content SEO. Meaning, first you would do keyword research with platforms such as Ubersuggest to discover which keywords you want your pages to rank for. Then you will place the chosen keyword in the Yoast SEO bar, and it will rank the content for that keyword. What’s great about this tool is that it will provide recommendations to help improve your SEO score, including editing the meta description and slug, placing the keyword in the text a certain number of times, adjusting the alt-text, and more. 

Another great feature of the Yoast SEO tool is that it also improves your content’s readability. It can detect if the content is too complex to read, which will deter people away. It’s best to use simple language and short sentences to improve readability. 

The software will also detect issues such as the use of transition verbs, use of passive voice, sentence and paragraph lengths, and more. If you worry about your content’s readability, then Yoast SEO is the product for you and your business! 


The Yoast SEO plugin

Many (if not all) WordPress users rely on Yoast SEO to handle their search engine optimisation efforts. Typically, you can only rank for one keyword unless you upgrade to the premium version that allows for multiple keyword rankings. The more keywords your content ranks for, the more likely it is to appear higher in search engines. 

With the Premium version, you can also add internal linking blocks to help improve SEO, including a table of contents, related links, subpages, and siblings block. It also has social media preview capabilities that demonstrate how your content will appear on social media. 

With Yoast SEO, you can see how well your title is performing. The software will be able to identify any areas that need to be improved for higher SEO rankings. These areas can include placing the keyword in front of the headline, adding it to the first paragraph, or removing it if it repeats too much in the text. 

The Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have for any business that wants to rank higher in search engines and pull more website traffic. The better your SEO performs, the more visitors you will attract to your site. 


7 – How page speed optimisation reduces bounce rates

Making sure your pages load quickly is key to lowering bounce rates. 47% of customers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. If your website is running slow, consumers will grow impatient and leave the website, resulting in a loss in sales and a negative attitude towards your brand. 

To impress your customers and keep them satisfied, increasing page speed is vital. However, your page speed isn’t just about keeping your customers happy, it also affects your SEO score. The faster your pages load, the higher your site’s SEO will rank.


Optimized-page speed optimisation


There are a host of factors that can affect your site’s loading speed. Some of the most common issues include the following: 

Widget or plugin overload

While plugins and widgets can be extremely beneficial to your site, you want to make sure to not download too many as they can slow your site down.

Too many ads

Ads are tempting to add to high-traffic websites because you can generate extra revenue; however, slow-loading ads result in high bounce rates. Proceed with caution when adding ads to your website.

Bloated Images

Large images, while attention-grabbing, can bog down your site because of their size. It’s better to use smaller images to increase page load times. Your customers will be glad you did. 

The first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. You have to do everything in your power to ensure your site loads as fast as possible if you want to make sales.

Consumers, humans in general, have short attention spans. We are inundated with thousands of advertisements every day that want our attention and money. To make sales, your first impression is monumental. We’ll dive into the best plugins you can use to increase page load speed in the next section. 


Best WooCommerce and WordPress plugins for page speed optimisation 

Increasing a site’s loading speed is often overlooked by many professionals. However, the reward for doing so is far too great. The best plugins to use to increase a page’s loading speed include: 

WP Rocket

This WordPress plugin is one of the most powerful web performance plugins in the world. It works to reduce load times and boost page speed so your customers remain satisfied. 

WP Super Cache

This plugin improves your website’s SEO and the overall user experience by increasing website performance and reducing load times. The plugin works to perform simple caching, compress pages, doesn’t cache pages for known users, CDN support, and extra homepage checks.

Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimise, & Compress Images

This plugin can help sites with enormous images that are slowing down your website. With this WooCommerce plugin, you’ll be able to compress and resize images to help increase page load times. 


8 – Social Proofing needs to be a part of your business plan

What is social proofing?

Social proofing is essentially how social influence can affect if a product or service is accepted or not. For instance, if there are negative reviews about a product online, it is very likely people are not going to purchase the product. Or, if a product is recommended by an expert in the industry, more people are going to purchase it. 

Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon where we as humans rely on the opinions and judgment of others to determine if we will purchase a product or service. Many people experience FOMO (fear of missing out) when everyone is raving about a new product or service that they haven’t tried yet.

Social proof encourages others to try a new product for themselves because they want to be a part of a community of people who are all partaking in the same product or service in order to feel connected and in the loop. Every business needs to integrate social proof into its business model for its website conversion.


Optimized-Social proofing


81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying. 

Before purchasing, people want to feel at ease knowing that they’re making the right purchasing decision. The last thing anyone wants is to spend their money on a product or service, only for it to not meet expectations. Social proof is how companies can prove to consumers that their products and services are worth purchasing. 

Examples of Social Proof  

Social proof can take many forms and it’s up to you to determine will have the greatest impact on your customers. Some examples of a way to showcase social proof include the following: 

 Customer reviews

Probably one of the most common forms of social proof is the customer review or testimonials. Many people when performing product research like to read reviews to see what others like them are saying about the product/service. 

 Expert Social Proof 

This type of social proof means an expert in your industry is recommending your product. They can endorse the product on their social media or other channels to prove your product is trustworthy.

Celebrity endorsements

While expensive, celebrity endorsements are the reason many top brands have huge followings. Nike relies on celebrity endorsements to validate its product offerings. 


WooCommerce plugins for Social Proofing 

If you’re ready to start social proofing your website, there are a variety of plugins to choose from to handle the task. The top social proof WooCommerce plugins include the following: 


TrustPulse is a popular plugin because it provides real-time event tracking for everyone on your website to see. Meaning, if someone is browsing through your website but isn’t sure if they should purchase, they might see when someone else makes a purchase or subscribes to your newsletter. With constant display items such as this, the customer is immediately put at ease because they know others are purchasing from your website as well, which can help them during the purchasing decision process.

Site Reviews

 Site Reviews is a full WooCommerce integration plugin that allows users to submit reviews with 1-5 star ratings on your website. With the star rating system, users will be able to see how others feel about your products and service, increasing social proof and consumer expectations. 

Social Media Share Buttons Pop Up

 Social Media Share Buttons Pop Up is a free social media plugin that lets you add and share social media icons for customers to view your social networks. You can pick from sixteen different designs to showcase your social media icons that will capture consumer attention with this effective plugin. 


9 – Advanced Search is an ultimate customer support tool

Searching is one of the first tasks a customer might perform when landing on your website. The more advanced your search tool is, the more likely it is to point customers in the right direction, increasing customer satisfaction, and the user experience. The benefits to advanced search are endless, but we’d like to point out a few to give you a better idea as to why it’s important. 


  • It quickly and relevantly connects customers to their desired products/services
  • Improves the user experience 
  • Reduces bounce rates because users can find what they need quicker than before
  • Leads to higher conversions because customers can find what they need fast
  • Boosts sales and increases chances for cross-selling and upselling


What features should the advanced search tool have?  

There are specific features every advanced search tool should have to ensure customer satisfaction. The main features every advanced search tool should have to include the following: 

Live Search Results

When someone is typing into the search bar, a dropdown list of suggestions should pop up to help them find their results faster. 

Search Analytics

The advanced search bar should have search analytics capabilities so you can evaluate what your customers are searching for. You can also see if customers are getting “No Results” and see if you can add information for questions that aren’t being answered. 

Search Results Pages

Once the customer puts the topic in the search bar, a search results page should generate a list of options. 

Category Filter Option

Being able to filter by category is an even more efficient way to help the consumer find what they’re specifically looking for.  

Typo Tolerance

If a customer misspells a word, the search bar will still be able to pick up on the overall meaning and generate a list of results relevant to the searched term. 

Advanced search box styles and presets

Being able to stylise the search bar based on the background image, gradient, subtitle, paddings, and more ensures it will fit perfectly with your website’s style and aesthetic. 


Best plugins for Advanced Search tools 

At Rubber Cheese, we recommend using an advanced AI-powered search and discovery platform called Algolia for all advanced search needs. The reasons why we recommend this plugin are far too many, but we’ll break down a majority of the best-selling points below. 

Global Language Support

Algolia can support all languages without any additional work required. If you are supporting customers all around the globe, you’ll need an advanced search tool with this capability to ensure all your customers can search for what they need. 


It’s okay if your customers are misspelling words. Algolia can pick up on what the customer is trying to say and still provide search results relevant to what the customer wants. 

Highlighting and Snippeting 

Each search result produces results with the keyword highlighted so the consumer can easily spot the result that matches what they need specifically. 

The software also comes with A/B testing, personalisation, insights and analytics tools, and so much more. We couldn’t recommend this platform enough; however, we do suggest having an expert integrate the tool for your organisation. 

If you are unable to have an expert do this, we also recommend using Relevanssi, which is an easier option that is still of the same caliber. There is a free and premium version of Relevanssi which all depends on what kind of capabilities and features you are wanting for your search bar. It is a quality plugin that will empower your website and help your users find exactly what they’re searching for when on your website. 


 10 – Why you should accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Lastly, and most importantly, you’ll want to make sure your website is capable of accepting alternate forms of payment such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. As the world continues to evolve towards a more digital landscape, more and more people are relying on alternative forms of payment. 

Apple pay and Google pay are considered to be more secure than typical credit and debit cards. The reason being is that these payment methods are on our phones or watches, and it is more challenging for someone to not only steal your phone but also make purchases with it. 

Ultimately, as the world moves towards digital payments, your business will want to stay ahead of the competition and accept as many payment forms as possible. Some people have ditched the traditional way of paying, and not accepting their payment forms could result in a lost customer and missed sales. 


Optimized-Accept Payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay


The benefits for accepting Apple pay and Google pay include the following:

  • It’s a very secure payment method that relies on biometrical authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition to use. 
  • It’s a faster way to checkout since customers don’t have to input a ton of numbers from the typical debit or credit card. 
  • Makes paying easier. There are no forms to fill out since all of the user’s information is saved to their card and is uploaded automatically. 
  • Reduces errors. Since Apple and Google store all of their information, the customer doesn’t have to worry about typos since the software handles it for them. 
  • Better option for mobile users. Since there are over six billion smartphone users in the world, more and more people are beginning to shop via their mobile devices. These alternative payment methods are better adapted for mobile users and make for a quick, efficient checkout experience! 


Best WooCommerce Apple Pay plugins 

Offering multiple payment methods enhances the chances of someone making a purchase. The best plugins to add to your WooCommerce store to accept alternative payments include the following: 


Stripe is a popular WooCommerce plugin that accepts a multitude of payment options. It’s a free plugin that can be downloaded from the WooCommerce extensions store with a 2.9% + 30¢ per successful card charge. You can learn more about their pricing here. With this plugin, your customers will not be directed to another page to handle their payment, which increases conversion rates. Stripe can take Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other options and provide a powerful mobile experience.


Authorize.Net is another plugin that can be downloaded from the WooCommerce store. It’s a premium plugin where users can safely and securely store their card and bank detail information to experience faster checkouts. It can accept Apple Pay and provides affordable credit card and eCheck processing. There are no setup feets; however, it does charge 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction as well as a $25 monthly gateway. There are other packaging options that you can view on their website


CyberSource is a premium WooCommerce payment gateway plugin that takes credit card payments directly on your WooCommerce site. The customers only need to enter their credit card details directly during the checkout process. The plugin handles the rest of the remaining checkout process. It supports Apple Pay and allows customers to save their payment methods for future use.  


We help accelerate website conversions

Knowing which plugins to add to your WordPress and WooCommerce site can be instrumental in improving conversion rates and customer satisfaction. We hope this article helped you and your organisation find the right tools to add to your business model to increase your business’s growth. 

At Rubber Cheese, we’re a data-driven digital agency that has been building and designing systems and websites since 2003. 

As a result, we create engaging, optimised WordPress websites that increase website conversions for our client partners.

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