The 2024 Visitor Attraction Website Survey

Hello, you’ve found the Rubber Cheese 2024 Visitor Attraction Website Survey and Report. Sponsored by Convious and Expian.

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Two years ago, in 2022 we launched the inaugural visitor attraction website report. Over that time we have gathered data from hundreds of attractions around the world, and been able to provide benchmarks across the entire sector.

This year the survey will be bigger, and more relevant than ever before. We will be looking at a number of current trends such as investment in digital marketing, online conversion rates, use of personalisation and artificial intelligence, technology choices and more besides. The data will provide a focus for marketers and decision makers across the sector as a whole, but also allow a deep dive into what good looks like for a huge array of different attraction types.

As the impact of the survey has grown it has become clear that it is bigger than any single organisation, and so we have recruited a team of industry experts to form a specialist advisory board. Kindly sponsored by Expian. This group will help refine the methodology and provide crucial peer review to ensure the results are as objective, transparent, and relevant as possible.

We are also delighted to welcome back Convious in their third year as sponsor of not only the survey but the online report we will be publishing once the survey is complete. As this enters its third year it will allow us an unique opportunity to begin to identify not only the gold standard, but also clear trends over time. You will not only be able to see where you sit in relation to the rest of the sector, but how that has changed over the last few years.

This survey provides invaluable insights and directly actionable recommendations for individual and group attractions across UK, the EU, and for the first time the USA.

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What’s in it for you?

We know that filling in our survey is big job, and that it’s likely to take up to half an hour of your day if you decide to do the whole thing. But we're genuinely, extremely grateful for each and every submission we get and so this year we want to give you something in return.

So every person submitting a survey response will be entered into a weekly prize draw to win a bottle of bubbly, and we'll donate £1 to Kids in Museums for every attraction that submits!

Every week we will email the winner to let them know and to find out where they’d like their bottle sent, so please make sure you check your email address is correct.

We’re going to do this draw every week the survey is open for responses, so the sooner you get your response in, the more chances you have to win.

As if that wasn’t enough we are going to donate £1 to the wonderful charity Kids in Museums for every single submission we receive. Last year we had well over two hundred submissions, we’re hoping to beat that this year. So not only are you setting the digital benchmarks for the visitor attraction industry, you’re doing a good thing too!


Expian is a an award winning, ticketing management solution for Tours, Attractions & Activity providers. We simplify and tie up the loose ends of complex ticketing reducing operational friction. By weaving together content and inventory to create truly magical experiences, we optimise for sales via multiple channels to maximise revenue potential.

Expian sponsor our Survey Advisory Board for 2024.

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Convious is a leading data-driven all-in-one management platform for the experience economy. With expertise in online booking, dynamic pricing, and data analytics, Convious helps visitor attractions increase revenue and enhance the overall visitor experience.

We are delighted to have Convious onboard as our Digital Sponsors this year.

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Get the 2023 Survey Report

Over 200 attractions submitted their data to the 2023 report, which was an increase of over 300% on the previous year. We looked very specifically at the reasoning behind a lot of the raw data we had focussed on in 2022. This allowed us to produce a detailed 40 page report that not only contained the key findings, but also expert commentary, analysis, and recommendations.The results were eye-opening, and while they are now approaching a year old they still have huge relevance for the visitor attraction industry.

If you haven’t yet got a copy of the report it isn’t too late. You can download it here, see exactly how you compare, and start strategically improving your attractions online presence.

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