Offering a taste of luxury with a brand-new design

Bringing Royal Salute to a global audience.

The challenge

Design a website to strengthen brand awareness across multiple global audiences and allow privileged guests to buy one of the brand’s luxurious bottles.

Fit for a Queen

The finer details are integral when you’re creating something that’s fit for a Queen. We worked closely with Royal Salute to create a website that felt truly prestigious.

International audiences

IP detection allows for different versions and translations of the website to be viewed by multiple audiences, including Asia where the brand’s popularity has grown significantly.

Knowing the customer

Royal Salute prioritise getting to know their customers, so they asked us to add a form to capture guest details, which we then integrated with their Salesforce CRM.

Online purchasing

Instead of purchasing via a third party merchant, customers can buy a selection of bottles directly via the website, meaning the brand has complete control of the customer’s purchasing experience.

For the
lucky few

A promo code function was built so selected customers could purchase limited edition products via the website.


“They helped us transform the way we do business online.”

“As a luxury brand, we have exceptionally high standards and every detail matters. We had to work with an agency that understood this.

Rubber Cheese exceeded all our expectations. They pushed for excellence and created a website that reflects our brand perfectly.

With their creative and technical abilities, they helped us transform the way we do business online. For the very first time, we can sell directly to our VVIP customers, which is really exciting. Plus, their communication is outstanding and requests are always dealt with quickly.

We highly recommend Rubber Cheese and look forward to keep working together.”

Amabile Guglielmino
Senior Brand Manager
Royal Salute