Kelly Molson

is our Managing Director

Kelly Molson is our Managing Director. Once upon a time she was a designer with branding, packaging and web design as her bread and butter. Now you’ll find her running digital workshops or improving our own internal process to make Rubber Cheese as amazing as it can be.

She’s an advocate to the value of networking and helping others, having built the business on that very foundation. Attending mastermind sessions with other business owners ensures she’s always helping others and continually improving herself.

In 2017 Kelly founded Mob Happy, a peer-to-peer network for women agency owners where she runs small, intimate mastermind groups that focus on supporting each other based on shared experiences. The aim of the not for profit network is to increase the percentage of women agency owners, by supporting existing founders on their journey, and inspiring up and coming leaders.

Host of the popular Skip the Queue Podcast, for people working in or working with visitor attractions, she regularly delivers workshops and presentations on the sector at various national conferences and universities including The Annual National Conference of Visitor Attractions, ASVA and Anglia Ruskin University.

When she’s not working you’ll find her eating her way around Cambridge restaurants with wedding photographer fiancé Lee, or watching the footie at White Hart Lane. She loves a walk in the sun with her two dogs and growing her own veg in the garden allotment… but not peas. Never peas.

“She’s an advocate to the value of networking and helping others, having built the business on that very foundation.”

“Whatever the project, we create innovative, user-friendly solutions that make a positive, measurable impact on your business.”

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Rubber Cheese is a friendly team of problem solvers and skilled digital professionals.

We choose to keep things intimate and streamlined. We always have friendly faces in-house available to answer queries; you’ll always know who you’re speaking to and working with.